Portfolio Management

With your financial plan in place, we will tailor your portfolio to this plan. While the process of choosing the appropriate investments for your portfolio is important, that’s only part of what we offer. Having a holistic investment framework and being disciplined and deliberate with your investment decisions can add tremendous value to your portfolio while you’re working and in retirement.

It’s our goal to provide the best balance of protection and growth for each client by:

  • Managing risk by building a diversified portfolio that includes U.S. and international stocks, bonds, cash and incorporating other strategies to reduce portfolio risk.
  • Minimizing frictions by actively working to reduce trading costs, expenses and taxes.
  • Seeking to enhance returns by taking advantage of a global opportunity set, investing the proven drivers of returns, and thorough disciplined behavior.

Managing risk

Any investment decision should first begin with a focus on risk. This is especially important in retirement because the amount of volatility risk you take in your portfolio can greatly impact the amount you’re able to spend. At GWM, we balance your risk tolerance, liquidity needs and opportunity for return to create long-term wealth and help protect the value of your funds.

Controlling costs

Investment cost can negatively impact the net returns you gain in your portfolio. As your personal advisors, your GWM team focuses on reducing unnecessary costs. We’ll look closely at the fees and expenses that you pay inside the investment vehicles you own and make recommendations to help you control those costs.

Ensuring alignment

With GWM, you benefit from a proven and consistent approach to grow and preserve your wealth and your long-term investment objectives.

  • We’ll continuously monitor your accounts to ensure you remain in line with your target allocation.
  • We’ll make adjustments such as rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting when necessary.
  • Work closely with you throughout the process.