Financial Planning

If you’re like most people, you want to use your time to focus on your family and your career rather than managing your increasingly complex personal financial situation. At GWM, it’s the people and dreams behind the figures that matter the most. Your financial plan is your financial decision-making tool that helps you make decisions about your money in an effort to achieve your specific goals in life. Put simply, it’s the blueprint for how to use your financial resources to build the life you want.

Getting answers to your questions

When can I retire?
How much should I be saving?
How are we going to pay for college, and can I afford a vacation home?

By having a comprehensive picture of your current financial situation, a detailed plan and cash flow modeling, you can get answers to your most pressing financial questions.

To get there, we’ll:

  • Learn as much as we can about you and your goals so that we can advise you the most meaningful way.
  • Create a comprehensive balance sheet of your current financial situation and develop a detailed cash flow model of current and future spending.
  • Develop and present recommendations to move towards your financial goals then stress test this plan for various scenarios.
  • Work with you to coordinate and execute on the recommendations.

Changing with you

Your financial plan is a living, breathing document. And because life is always changing, so will your financial plan. That’s why we’re with you all the way working to stay on top of changing tax laws, other financial rule changes, and the latest planning techniques. So you always have the plan in place needed to help pursue your goals.