Live your best life during retirement

Today’s retirees are living longer and need a stream of income that lasts a lifetime. They also want to extend their legacy to future generations. At GWM, we work closely with you to help preserve your assets during retirement and long after. Through our team approach, we can help.

Our team takes a holistic view of your assets and situation, looking at factors that can impact your retirement, such as:

  • Taxes: We’ll develop strategies in an effort to minimize your tax bill and help you keep more of the assets you’ve worked hard to accumulate.
  • Retirement Distribution Planning: We’ll evaluate your investment accounts, such as an IRA or a Roth IRA, striving to minimize taxes and maximize your cash flow during your retirement.
  • Maximizing Social Security: We’ll look at strategies around Social Security income and discuss plans you can put in place aiming to maximize your social security.
  • Mitigating Market Downturns: What happens if the market crashes? We’ll work with you to mitigate market losses by discussing investment risks and creating a strategy to safely navigate through a market downturn.
  • Long-term Care Insurance: We’ll examine how a long-term care event may affect your retirement and, if needed, propose a long-term care plan.
  • Estate Planning: We’ll discuss how to build an estate plan that addresses your wishes and determine how to best transfer your assets when the time comes.

High-level client service that’s focused on you

Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life in retirement by optimizing the performance of your assets, balancing risk and return, and mitigating your tax responsibility. We’ll create a well thought-out and thoroughly tested plan that seeks to get you were you want to be. Through it all, we’ll be transparent and understanding in every action we take.